Monday, July 1, 2013

Week Bei (3 in Khmae)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 8:47 am

Hey Everyone!!!

So wasn't everything fantastic this General Conference? Holy smokes was it wonderful. Hahaha it was so cool to have General Conference here at the MTC. It really was something although the chairs were not that comfortable. I didn't fall asleep once this year mom!!! Although the spiritual nod came a couple of times haha. I'll talk more about conference later. I am so glad to hear about everyone's week. It was so wonderful. Grandpa thank you for the picture of Adam-Ondi-Amen...(spelling?) it is beautiful. I really am excited for the day when all the Saints are gathered there for one big sacrament meeting with the Savior himself there. Mom and Cutler I haven't received the photos yet but I bet I will get them later today. Thank you all for the wonderful letters. I can't begin to tell you how much they mean to me. If you remember the Best Two Years how crazy they went when they got mail, yep, that is all us missionaries here. We are all so excited when we get one. Hahaha it really is so funny 
Cutler, I hope you are having fun on choir tour. tell me how it goes. I know that you will have so much fun and that you have an amazing voice. haha. i have never been to san fran before but i bet it is pretty cool. just don't do anything to be put into Alcatraz ;). haha and i loved how much you have spent time with Flynn. Agh I miss our puppy. I am so excited to see his picture. you seem to have had a busy spring break which is wonderful. don't become to lazy or bored because that's not good. remember to always be striving to have the spirit in your life. :).

Thank you mom for keeping me caught up with things. also i'm glad you are having a wonderful time at work I will remember to ask Sister Melton about sister Boulter.

I am so glad to hear from Connor. It sounds like Georgia is a rough place to be but he is handling it wonderfully. I just want to also say the same thing Connor did with bathrooms how they are wonderful as the only place to have privacy. And when you're falling asleep. Those are nice. This week was tough. Isn't every week tough? Haha. Well this week was pretty tough because of the language. I felt that I couldn't get the language hardly at all this week. It wasn't coming to me at all and it was stressing me out. i felt that i was better last week than this week until we had General Conference. GC definitely is amazing. it rejuvenated me and inspired me. so many talks were for me and about my mission it was like manna from heaven. how cool is it we have over 90,000 missionaries (65,634 full time; 20,000 waiting to enter the MTC Week 2; and 6,000 waiting to be called). That is SO cool. hopefully we'll break 100,000 soon. I particularly looooved Priesthood Conference...don't I always ;). President Monson taught an amazing talk of missionary service. He gave 4 steps to success: 1. Search Scriptures diligently 2. plan life with purpose 3. teach the truth with testimony and 4. Serve the Lord with love. Those are such great steps especially for being a missionary. This was only one of the many wonderful talks that were amazing. We listened to a couple afterwards in Cambodian...0_0 wow. I got like 1 out of 100 words. ha but it was so cool too. So this week we started singing the hymns only in the script (the crazy squiggles that the language is made out of). The singing is quiet right now :). We have consistently taught in Cambodian now and have consistently struggled but the spirit is always there no matter how awkward or bad we get. phew. My testimony of the Savior and of Joseph Smith and of Thomas S. Monson have strengthened so much this week. oh and especially of the Book of Mormon. I was reading about it in Preach My Gospel and I got an overwhelming feeling of the spirit testifying it was true. I love it so much.

Since I've last emailed I actually gone to the temple twice. I went last Tuesday after I emailed and did initiatories. I had 3 Frenchmen with awesome names that I wish I could remember and I had one English guy from 1616 who's name was Lancelot :D it made me so happy and it was so cool. I also did endowments this morning at 5 am. It was wonderful. haha. I actually was focused most of the time, unfortunately we had gone twenty minutes too early... the temple cafeteria wasn't open grandpa :P. But I looooved it. I miss our weekly temple sessions. I still love remembering about the St. George trip to the temple. So white.\

Well, sorry for a jumbled and sometimes not concentrated email. so hard to remember what I did this week :). thank you all again for all the letters and emails. They lift up the struggling spirit. My companion's brother told him some wonderful words of advice; "the mission gets hard. sometimes you wonder if you can do those last two weeks for two more years. you say I don't think i can do it. but you don't have to. you'll never have those same two weeks again. they will be better. you say that about the first month and say you don't know if you can take another month like that. you don't have to. that month won't happen again. you say that the first year was so hard you can't do it for another. you don't have to. the next year is 10x better." I love that saying and it is so true. Each week is hard but it gets progressively better. I have a testimony of our Savior and this work. It truly is the work of God our Loving Heavenly Father. I love them. Until next time may God be with you.

Love, Elder Johnson

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