Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 11-- Week 3 Cambodia: Land of the Crazy Children

Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 8:39 pm

Yes people, Cambodia has crazy children. I will talk more about that later. Anyways, this week has been full of adventures if not investigators.

So last week we did a couple fun service projects for members in the branch. The first one was just on the spot. We went to go visit them and the Lookpuu (older man about 50+) was out in front of his house pounding his dirt flat because it had just rained and he was smoothing his "drive way." So being us missionaries we started helping him pound dirt. It was really cool because next door a monk was visiting his family. They were watching us and all of a sudden the monk came over and started talking to us!!! In English too!!!!. Hahaha. It was so cool to talk to him. He was really nice and humble and we invited him to English class... at the church :D. He didn't show up but that is ok haha. BUT something cool is he looks like an Air Bender Nomad off of Avatar!!! The robes are so legit...I'm gonna get some :D.

We also were able to teach some lessons to less-actives. Unfortunately we found out one drinks a little. He thinks the Word of Wisdom says that it is ok to drink as long as you don't get drunk. We are working with him though. He is so kind and nice. Also, we taught him the Restoration again! I said the whole 1st Vision in Khmer and it was really cool. I was rusty but the Spirit was definitely there.

This week we made Curry!!!! I LOVE curry. So much. Mmmmm!!! It had pork and potatoes and carrots and awesome flavor! Yum. We made a ton...but it only lasted 3 days. Haha. We have eaten good food this week. Lots of new foods plus one cheeseburger and fries :). Haha it was so good.

One night this week we woke up to Elder Barker saying he saw a mouse. We were chasing it all around the room. Elder Vu (he is Vietnamese) didn't wake up though. He didn't even budge :D. Haha but we finally caught it when it crawled into a plastic bag. We took it outside and killed it...yeah I know we are horrible but we had to. Anyway, you think that would be over with right? Nope! Elder Noot and I found another one in our room during the next day. We chased it around and...He killed it with my flip flop. MY FLIP FLOP!!!..... I just washed it with lots of soap. Haha. Now there are no mice in our room... I think.

Everyday Elder Noot and I try to meet with less-actives. We usually have one a day. So we spend about an hour a day teaching less-active members and then we spend the rest of the day contacting and tracting. The members haven't given us any referrals yet so that's all we've been doing. We are giving out so many pamphlets that someone HAS to want to learn. Well it is sometimes discouraging but we always are working hard. I do love the work though.

Also, this week we helped another member. We weeded!!! I thought I was done with that for 2 years...I was wrong :D haha. It was really quite enjoyable.

Some quick notes:

1. I am taller than the average Cambodian :D!!!!!

2. I am getting tan!!!! I look good too haha.

3. Dad, can you tell grandma and grandpa that I randomly met Bun Thoeun at the church. I will have to meet him again to give him grandpa's letter but yeah. It was weird. (Bun Thoen was my grandparents' driver when they served their mission here in Cambodia 10 years ago.)

Lastly, the little children. Everywhere we go the little children are saying "Hello"and in some places they literally mob us. They try to get rides on our bikes haha. The children next door (yes...we have children next door) became zombie children as it was dusk and we were sitting in our living room and they started pounding on the door trying to get in kinda haha. Kinda creepy. Anyway, children here are crazy. Probably because parents give them Samurai drinks (energy drinks). Bad idea. haha.

Well we are working hard. Hope you are all safe at home. Love and miss you all.


Elder Johnson

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