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Week 12- Week 4 Cambodia: Land of the Broken Bicycles and RAIN!!!

Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 9:19 pm

Dear Peoples Halfway Around the World!!!

Boy I say boy, fixing bikes is pushing the limits of my medication!!! (that's for you Tom :D). Anyways, I have come to find out that each week in Cambodia is very different from the last. Each day is an adventure, whether it is getting soaked in the rain, talking to drunk people, or just singing Disney music with your roommates at night.

The beginning of the week was very contrasted to the end. The beginning we contacted a ton of people. We talked to nearly everyone we passed it felt like and we tried sooooo hard to get someone to teach. We had several return appointments with people and even with our first referral. Unfortunately, each and every contact and appointment fell through. It was kind of discouraging but we just say that tomorrow will be better. We have had more success with our less actives though. By success I mean that we actually meet with them. None of them have come to church yet but we are always inviting and trying to strengthen their faith.

The end of the week we had a ton of meetings that we went to so we had literally no contacting time. In our area we are across a pretty big bridge, away from the main part of the city. Our church, and where all of our meetings are held, are on the other side of the bridge. It takes about 20 minutes to bike to the church. 10-15 minutes if we book it fast. I have come to realize that this bridge is a literal obstacle in the work of our area. People just don't want to come to church when they realize how far away it is and that they have to cross the bridge. Haha it is sometimes an obstacle for me and Elder Noot too. Sometimes we know we have to cross it and we are just anticipating it. Haha. It is so tiring sometimes but it is also kinda fun to race motos on a bike.

One cool thing is our Mission President!!! He had a personal meeting with us and we talked about our area and how to contact all the inactive members and get them to return. We have a lot more people than we thought. We are working to get a branch in our area!!! After the meeting it was pouring rain outside and President rode bikes with us to a pizza place and bought us pizza!!! :D YUM!!!

That really sums up a lot of our week. Some fun things that happened was while contacting and stopping at a bakery we got to talk to a monk. He was super interested in us and asked a lot of questions. Right before we left we actually got a picture with him!!! Haha it was awesome. Another day we contacted through a huge storm :D. We were walking in water halfway up the calves and it was so much fun!!! Hahaha. It has rained everyday since. In some places there are little rivers because of how much rain there is!

Finally, after all this time riding our bikes it has taken a toll on them. I have a brand new chain and Elder Noot has a brand new tire and brand new pedals. Hahaha. We spent so much money on fixing our bikes this week hahaha. Well I guess it is a sign of working hard :).

Until next week, stay strong and keep the faith. Even when no one wants to hear our message we keep pushing forward and keep our heads held high. I know that angels are with us watching our backs and lifting us higher and higher. This is the true church and I know that Jesus Christ leads the church. I love him and I know that he lives. I love you all and may God be with you.


Elder Johnson
You can tell by Elder Noot's face the little boy doesn't want to let us in :D
An awesome old blacksmith we met while contacting. He reminds me of Grandpa Johnson :)
A picture that Elder Noot took of me contacting a guy

Elder Noot and me with our helmets and our surgical masks so we don't die by the car fumes. :D

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