Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 15/ Week 7 Cambodia: The Land of Fungi!!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013 9:28 PM

Yes I just called this email the land of fungi. That is because I have RINGWORM!!!! Pretty much it is just a rash that is in the shape of a ring. It supposedly itches a lot but I just put a little bleach on it and it didn't itch. haha do NOT put a lot of bleach on... first it is bad for you and can poison you, hurts a LOT!! Haha found that out the hard way. Anyway, I now have anti-fungal cream to put on it and it is almost gone!

Now wasn't that a great introduction paragraph? Haha I think it was a good B+ grade in English. Anyway this week was AWESOME!!!! To start of I will share one thing that I have bought from this country. Last P-day I bought a horn that I can blow into and it makes noise!!! If you have seen "Lord of the Rings" then you will know the character Boromir. He has a horn just like mine!!! I feel like charging into battle...or contacting when I blow mine :D.

This week we got 2 of our investigators to church! It was so cool. They are two really old people and they live the farthest in our area away from the church but they still go, on a bike also! They are champions because the husband dopes (having someone sit on the back of the bike) the wife the whole way! So inspiring. They are set to be baptized on August 4th!!! The husband is really into it but his wife is just kinda. She is only half listening to our lessons and half committing but we are working with her.

We also got two more investigators this week. they are already Christian and just got married 2 months ago. What sparked their interest was when I randomly pulled out the Book of Mormon to show this group of Christians that we were contacting. They wanted to learn about the Book of Mormon. We taught them the first lesson on the spot. It was so cool! The Book of Mormon is the most important tool in our ministry that we can use. It always brings the Spirit and testifies of Jesus Christ. I love it so much.

Those were two of our miracles this week that we had.

With transfers past Elder Noot and I are stuck with each other for another 6 weeks...and we LOVE it :D. We love to play board games: Khmae chess, Chinese chess, King's chess (regular chess), and GO. We love to talk and eat. Oh do we like to eat haha. For July 4th we celebrated with scones :D. Mmmm so good.

The language is still hard but I am able to hold a conversation a little bit. It is difficult to understand still but talking I can do about a few things. Some days I feel I have the gift of tongues and then the next I can barely talk. Oh well. I keep trying. I love it so much. Such a fun language but something that I love to do more than study the language is reading the Book of Mormon. It really is from God and it really is the most important book that this world has. It is true and I know it is.

Well... That's All Folks!!!


Elder Johnson

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