Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 4

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 7:57 am
Hello Everyone!!!!

Wow has it seriously been 4 whole weeks since I've left? It feels like I have been gone an eternity and yet only a few days at the same time. It really is amazing at how time flies after the first few days. I can't believe at how much I have left to go but also at how much I've grown. The MTC seriously is the place where boys turn into men.

So even though I have said that the weeks have gone by fast this week still was long and tiring. But there were so many wonderful things that happened. I saw so many missionaries that I know who came in this week and last week (by so many I saw like 4). But it was so good to see them. I saw cousin Carson Johnson here!!! I was looking for him for days and in the cafeteria I prayed that I might be led to him. As I was walking out I almost ran into him. Literally :). It was so cool to see him. He has been here only a week and I loved to see how he was doing. I couldn't talk with him then but on Sunday I got to talk to him for several minutes. I bragged about him to my companion a bit haha. It made me realize how much I missed family and I was so grateful that I have some family that I can see every once in a while here. Another person that I saw this week was Elder Christian Wawro. Just got here this week too and he was looking just like himself. He is going to Denmark and the language looks difficult haha. We got a picture with him at the temple and I'll try to send some pictures soon. It was great to see him. Let's see.... Oh! For all those who are from Wyview I saw Elder Spencer Lee. He is from Minnesota and is going to Albania speaking Albanian. He and I became really good friends at Wyview and did a number of ensemble pieces for the ward and stake down there. HOLY COW does that language seem hard. haha anyways we see each other quite often actually and it is so much fun to just see him. I literally ran into him the first time I saw him haha. He is looking fine and I look forward to seeing him a lot. I also saw Spencer Mace!! I saw him a few times before and he found me at the temple and lifted me up from behind. He is SO TALL!!!! I was flying haha. It was awesome seeing so many people.

So this week was really long because I had a cold ALL week :P. haha it was rough. I got it last Tuesday and am just feeling better. It was pretty bad on Thursday but i quickly recovered. it was really hard to learn though. I forgot how to say so many words and I just wanted to not do anything. But the Lord pulled me through it. Turns out I feel like i am doing better in the language by a lot since my cold. I totally was humbled on begging for help and health. That seriously was most of last week. Saturday we did our first TRC which is you teach volunteers who come to the MTC and come to just be taught by the missionaries. They are not investigators. They are themselves, they don't pretend to be someone else. Sometimes investigators or nonmembers do come but we didn't have any this week. It was such a learning experience. haha we didn't know how to say much and communicating was really hard but it was ok. haha. We taught two people. We taught a Brady Johnson :D and a Dave Thompson. They were so cool and it was so spiritual even though we couldn't teach a lot.

Sunday was crazy though. It was just so spiritual and fun. Church was amazing. I just felt the spirit. We talked on how to recognize the spirit and on faith. Also, this was the last Sunday of the Cambodian district right above us. They leave today. The Branch President called Elder Plothow and I to be the new Zone Leaders. It is crazy. Already a zone leader?? Honestly we have no idea what to do right now but we are working on helping our zone (our zone is our branch which includes: Cambodians, Vietnamese, Hmong, and Thai). Pretty intense. Such a big job and I pray SOOOO much more now (like haven't here already). It was intense. Also later we had choir practice. Brother Eggett is just an amazing guy. I love how much I learn from him. I plan to at least take one class from him even though I don't go to UVU when I come back in 2 years. It was fun to sing. We had a pretty cool devotional that night where the guy talked about what the Church was doing with media to tell the world who we are. They have done some amazing stuff and just finished some amazing "I am a Mormon" campaign in London. The Mormons just arrived in London :). After the Sunday night devos we get to choose to watch a film (a church movie or recorded talk from a list of 4 per week). we saw Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration!!!!! I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!!! Yes people. I teared up but I felt the spirit so strong. I KNOW Joseph Smith was called of God to restore the Church. Sunday was great.

Well, that was pretty much my week. Hope you are all doing great. Thank you all for your love and support and letters. They help so much. Have a wonderful week.
Till next time may God be with you.


Elder Johnson

Elders of my district starting from left: Elder Plothow, Me, Elder Clark, Elder Clawson, Elder Garrow, Elder Anthony, and Elder Whitney. 

Me, Elder Plothow, and Elder Brady Call who we went to school with.

A cool picture I took of the temple :D

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