Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 8 FINAL WEEK!!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 9:57 am

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you first of all everyone again for the love, support, letters, candy, and caring for my family that you all have given me. I love you all so much.

So I officially leave in 6 days!!!!!! I can't believe that in 8 days I will be in Cambodia teaching, tracting, and testifying. It is so nerveracking and exciting all at once. I will be flying first to LA then to Hong Kong and finally to Cambodia!!! It is so exciting. May 22nd doesn't even exist for me but for only an hour because of the time change. Haha it is funny to me :).

This week was fun and amazing. I got to see a couple of my best friends here. I saw Sister Michaelah Thompson who is going to the Houston South mission and I saw Elder Wilson Hulme who is going to the Mexico City mission. It really was so much fun to see them. They both just got in like a week or two ago. I know they and all my other friends that I have seen will be great missionaries.

I have learned so much this week and have been spiritually fed so much. Something one of my teachers said was to stay focused on the present. Satan will do anything to make us think about the past or future, but the present is where we actually make a difference. We serve others and do good in the present. So stay focused. Another thing that I learned is that God's standards for us get higher as we improve. We have to constantly strive to do better than ever because Heavenly Father wants us to be the best that we can become. I know that the First Vision has power. The Adversary will do anything to interrupt the First Vision. It has so much power and instantly brings the Spirit. I LOVE it. Plus it sounds really cool in Cambodian :D.

Sundays really have been the best days because it is ice cream day, Temple walk day, and watch awesome talks by the Apostles. I watched Jeffrey R. Holland. I LOVE it. He said that as a missionary we are similar to an apostle. He called us apostles with lower case "a" while he is an Apostle with an uppercase "A." He had some wonderful quotes. "Don't miss it" when talking about the mission and serving with all that you can. He reminded me of Aunt Karen's quote "Serve with no Regrets." (or "Have No Regrets" I forget the phrasing :P). Elder Holland also said that we must make "His work and His glory" become "[my] work and [my] glory" too. Not that we take the glory or anything like that. Only in that we want to do exactly what the Father wants done. I try to gain the vision that Heavenly Father has for missionary work everyday.

One of the coolest parts of the week was listening to Elder Russell M. Nelson come to speak to us on Tuesday, yesterday. He was amazing and his wife was awesome. Something his wife said was "We can ask for Angels to be with us; by name sometimes or even by attribute." That is SO COOL. Because I know that angels are with us all the time. But we can ask for their help! They talked a lot about how the people on the other side of the veil all want to help us and are helping us and praying for us to succeed. Somethign thtat Elder Nelson said was "We Follow Jesus Christ." He said to use that to answer the question why we are here. Whether on the earth or on a mission that is why we are here because we Follow Jesus Christ. I loved it.

So, as my stay in the MTC winds up I realized how amazing it was. I have grown so much and have learned a new language. I have made amazing friends and had spiritual experiences. I have had fun and have sang for two Apostles. I think it has been so good to be here and I almost hate to leave but I know I am so excited to be out in the field. So I think this is my last email until the field. I love you all and I want you all to know that I have a firm testimony of Jesus Christ, the Prophet Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon. I love them all so much. May God be with you all.


Elder Johnson

Love you lots Mom

A scripture I love- 3 Nephi 5:13

Me and Sister Thompson :D

 My desk space

My new name tag :D
Me at the Provo Temple

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