Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 22/ Week 14 Cambodia: Land of Exploding Grenades

Sunday, August 25, 2013 9:00 PM

Dear Family and Friends,

Yes, there are exploding grenades everywhere in this country!!! Haha in Cambodian we have a term "bauk gro baik" (spelled how you would pronounce it in English). This is the term that means to have been ditched or stood up. So many times on a mission you need to have patience and get used to being stood up and having an appointment fall through. This week I think we had one fall through almost every day and one day we had all 3 fall through. But we are ok. We continue to do work.

Even though we do our best it is still difficult to be happy and optimistic when things fall through. This week was especially hard on us. We did all this preparation in anticipation and then it falls through. It is hard. I was in a down mood one of these days when I remembered that I had my grandfather's (mom's dad) conversion story. I unfortunately hadn't read it yet. I decided to read it in a spare, private moment. I want to share a brief outline of his story.

My grandfather was raised in a home with a mom who believed in a God. She had my grandfather and his brother go to many churches. In one day he said they might go up to 3 different churches just to worship God. They moved to California where they went to many churches and my grandfather got a job. He also was enrolled in school. At this time his family moved to Arizona and he stayed behind because he was earning money for the family. At this time in high school he met J.R. in biology (I believe). He found out that J.R. was a Mormon. They quickly became friends. J.R. introduced my grandfather to his friend group and my grandfather started going to activities, mutuals, and even sacrament meetings. They never pressured him though to get baptized. It was 3 years later that J.R. was about to leave on his mission when him and my grandfather talked. He asked my grandfather if he wanted to be baptized. With a little apprehension but with no doubt in his mind my grandfather said yes. J.R. then baptized him a short time later. I am forever grateful that my grandfather decided to join the church. It was the "small, still voice"that told him that it was true, he said.

When I read my grandfather's story I was immediately grateful to him and the Lord for showing him the way. I was also relieved of my burden and sour mood and was able to work harder afterwards.

There really wasn't much else that happened this week. Thank you all for your prayers and support. They are much appreciated. May God hold you in the palm of His hand.


Elder Johnson

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