Saturday, August 17, 2013

Week 20/ Week 12 - Cambodia: Land of Miracles

Sunday, August 11, 2013 8:52 PM

Yes it truly is the land of miracles, but I think that is how every mission is. The Lord is hastening His work.

So fun little things that happened this week: we played basketball!!!!!, had a branch FHE which was so fun and SO much food, got the new Khmae version of the Bible (with tabs!!!), got to see one of our less actives be called as the Young Men's 1st counselor (he is so active now :D), and got soaking wet WHILE wearing my raincoat from Mr. Macs :). Haha I think the rain in Cambodia has some coat piercing magic or something :). Oh haha Elder Noot and I also blew money and went to an Indian restaurant called Shakti Shiba (or something close to it, with a name like that who wouldn't wanna go?). Boy was it delicious :D.

One day at the church I did hear a piano and violin duet. It was a Khmae and an International member playing Praise to the Man. Boy was it heavenly just because there is very little music here in Cambodia...well that's not true. There is music but it is very traditional and noisy and weird. Really hard to understand and they just blast it. But I got to hear wonderful music. I was so happy :). Sometimes I just decide to sing while riding my bike and I don't care who's listening because I like music and Cambodians are just awkward people so singing will biking isn't to bad :).

So to the miracles. This week we got several new investigators. One of them happens to have been a referral who we actually have met several times. Before we even got the referral I actually played him in Chinese chess. He destroyed me twice in a row but it was fun. He looks JUST like Mr Miyagy (Miyagi...IDK the spelling). His name is I Kong (how you would pronounce it in English is Ee Gohng). He is wonderful. We also had several other investigators come to church. It was wonderful.

Yesterday, was Sok Eang's baptism. It was super spiritual and wonderful. I had the privilege of performing the baptism. It felt so nice to wear all white (unfortunately I did forget my white tie at the apartment :P). I think I did a pretty good job, I only had to repeat the prayer once! Haha, but it was really spiritual. I know that the Lord loves Sok Eang and is happy that she has covenanted to follow Him. I know that we are bringing Salvation to His children. I felt so warm, peaceful, and happy the rest of the day and still today I feel it :).

Finally, we had transfer calls last night. President Moon is so spiritual and goes by revelation so transfers are always a surprise. This transfer: Elder Noot is staying in our area, he is a District Leader, and is training again. As for me........ I am staying with Elder Noot in our area!!! We are to be a tri-panionship!!! It is really exciting. Elder Noot says that there have only been like 2 tri-panionships during his year here and there has NEVER been a trainer and trainee stay together for 3 transfers in his time here. I am SUPER HAPPY!!! Elder Noot is my best friend on the mission and we are doing WORK here in Cbarumpou (in English it is jbaa- um- boh).

We had many miracles this week and I am eternally grateful for them. Until next week may God hold you in the palm of His hands.

Elder Johnson

P.S. A shout out to my little brother who isn't so little anymore but still my brother!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Helaman 11:19, Alma 56: 47-48

SCONES!!!! Patrick Star is now a scone!!!

Look what Elder Noot and I drew on the wall!!! LOTR!!!!

The day of coat-penetrating-rain.

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