Sunday, June 30, 2013

First Week in MTC

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 8:09 am

Hey Everyone!!!

The first week has been so weird. LOOOONG. If this is a short or bad letter don't blame me because my hands are freezing and I only got 25 minutes left to write to you. It is crazy how long it feels I've been here. Seriously it feels like I've been here for months and only have a few days left on my mission. Anyway before i forget mom, can you send me a jacket and some Cetaphil face wash please? :) that'd be great. So the first day was intense. I get out and say bye then get dragged all across the MTC to check in. I met my comp. It is EDWARD PLOTHOW. I went to high school with him! We actually love a lot of the same stuff: basketball, video games, reading, SINGING, and more. He is so much fun!!! Also, i met locruu Mickelson. He is our teacher. (locruu means teacher in Cambodian) He didn't speak a word of English to us for 4 straight days! ALL CAMBODIAN. The language is pretty crazy and it is hard to learn but it is sooooo much fun too. Every day we have personal time to study the gospel and companion study time. We also get about 6 hours of classroom instruction which includes: language learning, learning how to be a better missionary, and teaching investigators. We literally had to give our first lesson to an investigator the second day. IN CAMBODIAN. He doesn't speak English and it is so funny because it is one huge game of charades. it is super hard though. we teach a lesson to him 5 days a week. super intense. We have to learn how to say what we want on our own. I've learned a lot though.

The first four days (Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat) were so hard though. they were the longest days of my life and have been some of the hardest. Everyone told us if we made it to Sunday then it would get so much better. They were so right! Sunday was just relaxing with hours of personal study and Sacrament meeting. With a devotional at the end was great. Oh I also went to MTC Choir practice and Brother Eggett saw me in the choir and called me out to sing louder while we were all singing. He also then called me down to say the closing prayer too. Haha he was so funny though. Tell him hi for me mom. anyway Monday was a great day because it went fast and we now have the hang of things. I love my teacher so much and he is so funny and always has a smile on his face. it is so refreshing to see it. He helps encourage us so much. If the keyboard wrote in romanized Cambodian I would type in it but it doesn't. ah well. I hope everyone is doing well. I loved the letters from all of you. Thanks so much. They are my favorite part of the day personally ;). Well sorry it is short but I gotta go. Cumriap leah!

Elder Johnson

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