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Week 30/Week 22 Battambang: And another, and another, and another, and another... Sunday October 27, 2013

Sun, Oct 27, 2013 at 9:59 PM
Battambang: And another, and another, and another, and another...

"High on a mountain top, a banner was unfurled. A horn was blown so loud that it echoed in the valley." Lyrics I just wrote in dedication to the trip to Mount Banin. Might I say it was a lot of fun. There were some ruins on the top of the mount. I'm not going to even try to call it a mountain. It is just actually a hill for me coming from Utah. Man I miss real mountains.

This last week has been exciting. As I said P-day we went to a mount. It was a fun trip and we had a good time. No one got hurt and to be honest it was nice wearing regular clothes again. I loved the hike.

Tuesday we had a fun exchange with an AP. Every transfer the APs go around to all the provinces and visit with all the Zone leaders and missionaries. We were chosen as the other companionship to be trained by an AP. It was a lot of fun. It is a good experience learning from the leaders who have been called to their position by inspiration. It is also very important to sustain them and support them no matter who they are.

Wednesday we visited this less active man who was super sick the last time we were there. But through the power of the Priesthood and of Obedience to God's commandments he is a lot better. We gave him a blessing last time and now he quickly recovering strength. It also helped that he stopped drinking beer. Now we are working on the tea but are still excited for him and have faith in his progression.

Also, today there was apparently a fire at the base of our stairs. Our power was out when we got home and they were fixing it. A motor burned or something. But they quickly restored the power and water :).

October 24th, 2013; Thursday, 5:00pm Cambodian Standard Time. 7 people were baptized!!!! 4 of our investigators recieved baptism on Thursday!!! It was super cool seeing so many people covenant with the Lord to follow him. 4 of them were ages 8-11. Some of them were really funny when they went under the water they jumped out super fast brushing the water out of their face. Haha it was a wonderful experience. I baptized Phek, a young mother of two, who has such a wonderful testimony and comes to church with her children. She was so glorious and clean when she came out of the water. I was proud too that I did it in one shot not fumbling on words either. :) So if you haven't figured out about the title of my email it was dedicated to the baptisms. So many. So cool. So glorious.

Now from Friday-today I have been on an Exchange with Elder An another khmae because our companions went to Siem Riep for a new church building open house to help. It was for all Khmae missionaries in the provinces but Elder An didn't feel well enough to go so his comp went for him. So on Friday we served in his area and on Saturday we went in my area. We biked SO much. He has a big area and a lot of members live about an hour away. But it was still good. It was also interesting for me and good that I had to lead my area for a couple days. I had to be in charge and decide who and where we would go what time. We got a lot of lessons in! I know I had heavenly help on that.

Sunday was long. We went to 6 hours of church, both branches, plus 2 hours of Branch Council Meetings. It was so long but it was good to do a lot of work. I might just add that church here is a lot different than in Utah. It is a little...less reverent. But it is still the same Church :). That is what is cool. We are part of a global church for all people.

This week was a good week I think. I'm grateful for all of your prayers on my behalf. I love and miss all of you. Remember to Rise Up and be the child of God that you are. Until next time may God hold you in the palms of His hands.

Elder Johnson

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