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Week 28/Week 20 Battambang: Land of the Hot, Sweaty, and Sick Sunday October 13, 2013

Sun, Oct 13, 2013 at 9:28 PM
Battambang: Land of the Hot, Sweaty, and Sick

So this week I don't really remember much what happened the first 3 days because I was sick and my journal for all three days combined is like one page long :P. Haha oh well. It was a fun week. I think this week it was "let's see how many missionaries can be sick all at once." On one day we had 3/4 of our missionaries in our house sick and then some sisters too and some members who help us a lot :). It was an exciting week.

This week I had some good food. On Tuesday we ate pizza, it's the only pizza in Battambang, and it was pretty good. Then, Wednesday I had a cha with frog in it. Tastes like pork :). Thursday I ate a pancake in a bowl :), you buy the just add water mix and put it in the microwave for 5-6 minutes and vwalla you have a pancake in a bowl. Just add peanut butter and syrup :).

President Moon came up this week for interviews. I love interviews with him. He just is so nice and is so calm and peaceful. The spirit really is strong with him. We just talked about Battambang, my companion and how awesome we are together, my language and he just encouraged me some more. He is super cool. He went visiting members here with the District President. He was in jeans and old sneakers. It was SUPER funny. He is an amazing President.

So I REALLY like to give blessings. I want to go through my entire bottle of consecrated oil on my mission. We least 5 blessings this week. I am starting to get them down. I've refilled my little mini container twice :). I love giving blessings. The spirit is always so wonderful with them. At the same time it takes a little out of me :). I love it.

On Saturday was Elder Khlot's birthday!!! He is now 22 and is the coolest dude :). We have so much fun. He is from a branch in the city and is a super hard worker. I am tired everyday with him. But we have so much fun and we help each other a ton with the languages. Watch out ladies, he knows a ton of pick-up lines ;). He is also super good at basketball!

Sunday was awesome. I gave a talk. It was a lot of fun. I talked on being a disciple and witness of Christ. I used Mosiah 18:9, 1 Nephi 3:7 and 3 Nephi 5:13. I made up the last half of my talk and the last two scriptures while in the chapel waiting to talk :). I love giving talks I decided. I love sharing my knowledge and my testimony with other people. It was a lot of fun and I felt the spirit.

This week we had a couple of our baptisms get pushed back but that is ok. We have this ten year old boy who we are teaching. His mom is a member and so it is a lot of fun. He is super excited to be baptized and is always smiling when he gives an answer to a question. We also visited so many less actives or recent converts this week. We have so many I don't remember who is and who is a member and who is a less active. Haha. But I LOVE to teach. I love being a missionary.

I am just so happy right now I have no clue why. I love my mission. I am changing so much but it is so good. Until next time may God hold you in the palm of His hands.

Elder Johnson

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