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Week 27/Week 19 Battambang: "I'm Singing in the FLOOD!?!" Sunday October 6, 2013

Sunday October 6, 2013 at 9:27 PM
Battambang: "I'm Singing in the FLOOD!?!"

Rain, rain, and more rain. That describes my week. :)

This week wasn't as eventful so this might be shorter.
Let's see. At the beginning of the week I was on exchange in a tripanionship because all of our companions had to go to the city for training by the President because they are either District or Zone leaders. It was quite the 3 days with 3 white guys who the oldest is on transfer ahead of me. It was interesting.

On Tuesday we biked so much and spent our day in one of the Elders' areas. We got some lessons and contacts. I love contacting. I was in a bad mood early but got better as soon as I contacted one person. Contacting is an awesome tool for me. I love talking to people. It is a lot of fun. I don't understand a lot but I still love it.

Wednesday was good though. Elder Khlot came back and it was a fun time teaching with him. It is hard getting to know the area and people we teach cause we have so many and the area is so big. It is huge compared to my last two areas. We did give Elder An a blessing because he is sick this week. Also Elder Harris and I did English class with the two American sisters. It was a lot of fun. He and I did the gospel part. We did the peanut butter example again about sin and controlling your emotions.

On Thursday we taught some people. Haha we always do. But we were lucky because from Thursday to Saturday was a Khmae holiday all about worshipping ancestors. It was hard for other missionaries to get any lessons in. But we did. We also cleaned the house too because if we didn't have lessons we were suppose to clean. We gave two more blessings today also. I love giving blessings :). I love using the priesthood :D. Oh if any of you want a good chapter to read on Faith read Hebrews 11. I LOVE it.

Friday was Zone training meeting. It was long :P and it rained ALL DAY. We literally got 0 lessons in. It just poured buckets of rain.

Saturday, does it ever stop raining? We biked, walked, and I stumbled in it too. It rained so much that the river flooded over. At one house I heard the rain coming a good 10 to 15 seconds before it hit us. That was a hard one. Good thing we were inside. We got a couple lessons in that day luckily.

Rain, rain go away. Come again some other year. Sunday. More rain and flood. It flooded so bad that we only had 50 people at church. Last week we had 115 people. The rain really kills the work here. Nobody wants to meet us or come to church. Oh well. There was a good 2 feet of water on the road down from our house. Also, we found out that one of our best investigators moved to another province and might not come back. Why?!!!! That's a second time in a month for me :P. Today was fast sunday :). I am gaining a testimony of fasting :). I love fasting now. It brings strength, faith, and self mastery over the natural man. I am so grateful to be able to fast.

This week really wasn't all that exciting. I hope next week will be better stories and spiritual moments for you to hear of. Love you all. Till next time, may God hold you in the palm of His hands.


Elder Johnson

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