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Week 26/Week 18 Battambang: Jungle, Mud, and Mosquitos Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday, September 29, 2013 9:49 PM
Battambang: Jungle, Mud, and Mosquitos

So Battambang is the place to go if you want to go on adventures or get muddy or get a lot of mosquito bites :). My trainer, Elder Noot, still bets that I will get Dengue Fever up here. Haha we will see.

My new companion is wonderful. His name is Elder Klout. He is Khmae and is a super hard worker. He knows pretty good English but isn't fluent. He understands it a lot though. He loves basketball (the NBA) and loves to sing hymns while riding bikes (IN ENGLISH!!!). He is wonderful and I am excited to serve with him.

This week was all a blur to me now. Last P-day seemed an eternity ago. Let's see. On monday night we had a fun little FHE with the senior couples and a family who are half active. We made little cakes in homemade ovens. It was good. The sisters were there too and since it was pretty late the senior couple took them home. So we had to ride the sisters' bikes to our house. I got the little pink one! It was super funny.

Tuesday, we had a pretty rough day. We had district meeting and right after we had a zone lunch at the church. But one missionary didn't want to stay so he ditched his companion. Elder Lyman and his companion had to go find him and talk to him. The spirit wasn't really prevalent. It was sad. Latter that day though we had an awesome lesson with our Recent Convert Viasna. He pretty much conducted the lesson and we read in 2 Nephi 32 or 33...I forget. But it was really good and he asked some really good questions. We had a miracle though today. We randomly met two young men at the church who wanted to learn. And they were both in our area! We sat down, and set up another appointment with them a couple days later. To end the day we had one of our new investigators tell us she didn't want to learn anymore because of her parents, and then we visited two less active younger men, one who had served a mission, and they were both drunk. We didn't teach them. It was a roller coaster day.

Wednesday was fun. We taught our awesome returning less active Soreya who loves to sing to his American music. He is always happy and speaks super good english. Then we made a taco flavored cha. We then contacted all day at various places such as a karaoke place we found, the place where a carnival happens every night, and a place with a big Buddha statue. It was actually a Tao school/church. They were cool and let us in and we got a pic. Then we had English special activities night where we did a skit of Samuel the Lamanite but turned it to Cowboys and Indians style. I was Samuel :). It was a lot of fun.

Thursday wasn't just normal. The most exciting thing was the rain. It rained really hard for about an hour. Good thing we were in the church :). Haha it was fun to talk to the members who were there. Members here are so cool. I love seeing how we all have the same faith all the way around the world.

Friday, TRANSFERS!!!! I rode on a bus for 6 hours to Battambang. Ever seen a Bus go 60 on a two lane rode passing motos and cars? Oh yeah. We almost hit a cow once. We got to Battambang just before 9pm.

SO the last couple days were fun getting to know the area. We taught 9 lessons on Saturday. 9 LESSONS!!! So many. There are so many people to work with here. I am really excited. Randomly a 14-year-old girl told me I look like a toy/doll??? Say what??? I prefer action figure. Sunday, I gave a testimony in sacrament meeting. I also read a verse in Khmae and none of the members read it from the audience. It was super cool.

So if you want adventure, mud, mosquitos, zero stoplights, or Dengue Fever.. Go to BATTAMBANG!!!

I love you all so much. Let's Save Souls!!! Until next time may God hold you in the palm of His hands.

Elder Johnson

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